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Uniquely crafted clayworks

Each piece is hand carved and uniquely designed by Lil Esposito in Ione, CA. Lil's green orchid thumb brought her an abundance of orchids that needed rescuing. So she began carving intricate orchid pots for herself that stunned all who saw them. When her son (Josh Hunter) convinced her to make some to sell, we put them all immediately in our store in Graeagle, CA. 

They are beautifully handmade creations, with 40+ hours put into each ceramic design. Shop small and support this talented artist only at The Peak!


We know how intimidating it can be to keep an orchid (or any plant) alive. So Lil has divulged her secrets to keeping orchids alive and well for years


Place your orchid indoors, in a North or East facing window for morning sun only in a room with moderate climate.

Drench once a week (even every other week if your climate is not too dry) for 30 seconds and allow to fully drain in your sink.


When a node (or stem) dies, don't panic. Cut it with sterile scissors when it is completely tan and keep watering as usual. It will grow another.

Change pots only after the flowers have died and fallen, using orchid bark only in its new pot. 

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