Josh's mom handmakes these exquisite orchid pots. Featuring freehand carvings and paint, these one of a kind orchid pots are a must have for any orchid. The best part about this one is that it comes with a beautiful orchid already planted!


The Wind Orchid Pot is appriximately 9" Tall x 10" Diameter 

Handmade Wind Orchid Planter

  • Taking care of orchids is surprisingly easy. Essentially, leave them alone. 

    1. Plant your orchid in its new pot when the flowers have dropped and there are none left, using orchid bark only. For larger gaps, use a moss mix to hold the bark inside the pot.
    2. Place your orchid in a North or East facing window, in a room that you keep relatively warm year round. Orchids only want morning sun and will die with too much sun exposure or too cold of temperatures. 
    3. Water your orchids once a week by drenching the bark for 30 seconds and letting them drain in the sink until they stop dripping. Some people prefer to place ice cubes on their orchid every few days, but Lil recommends the drench it and leave it method.
    4. When a node (or stem) dies, this is normal. Just wait for it to lose all of its flowers and turn completely tan. Then cut it with sterile scissors just above the tan section. A new node should grow elsewhere, but if you are in doubt simply keep an eye on the leaves. Leaves typically die out while new ones grow in, but if they are all brown with no new growth your flower has bloomed its last.